Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Repurposed Furniture

Rescued Furniture for Yard Decor

Did you ever pass by a curbside item that you just cannot resist?  Well, those who know me often wonder...Where did you find that?...How did you get that home?  My response is:  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  All items pictured below were rescued or gifted to me.  My friend’s often tell me that I can always find a use for their unwanted items.

Rescued, repurposed or gifted pieces for my winter garden vignette.  Gifted lamp from Kiegan, recycled wire form lamp shade, recycled yellow prisms, repurposed antique mirror from my grandma’s attic, rescued 1960s sewing table cabinet, revived vintage chair, rescued & repainted mini garden bed, blown glass Christmas garland.

Most of the items are curbside beauties rescued on different days.  Saved the pieces until the time was right.  Fall in Chicago is the perfect time for painting my larger pieces - not too hot & not too cold.

Paint is my best friend!  I found some blue & yellow paint in my garage & starting painting.  Remember to lightly sand your pieces first, I choose to hand sand versus mechanical sanding & I prefer to use “Two in One” paint with primer in it.  You can always use a separate primer, but I choose to skip the task of priming separately.  Two coats of boho chic blue paint, bold yellow paint, and a darker blue paint was applied to each piece.  Red and yellow accents were added for pops of color.  Red paint revived a bean pot lamp.  The vintage metal form lampshade was updated with yellow prisms.

In Spring, plants will be added to the garden “bed”.  I never worry about my outdoor vignette items becoming dirty, besides my multi-generational squirrels don’t seem to mind!

These bright boho chic blue furniture pieces will add visual interest in our bleak, cold Chicago winters. In spring, colorful Coleus plants will be added to the bed. Keep scrounging and always think outside the box.  Visit my shops at CasaKarmaDecor.zibbet.com & CasaKarmaDecor.etsy.com. My son, Max, is a recycling & repurposing guru, too.  Visit MaxsUniquities.etsy.com for unique man cave decor, masculine finds, repurposed items, vintage finds.

Keep scrounging,
Scrounge Hound

Thursday, October 13, 2016

A Chair is More Than Just a Chair!

When is a chair more than just a chair?  

My love for chairs continues.  Chairs seem to cross my path in many ways.  My latest vintage mini-chair was purchased from WhiskeysWhims.etsy.com and is my personal favorite!  I came across this adorable, rustic, boho chic chair and just had to have it.

When is a chair more than just a chair?  Look closely at top photo...the chair seems to be suspended in mid-air.  It is not really suspended in mid-air, keep reading to find out a unique way to display chairs.  My outdoor chair collection has grown so much that I have begun my indoor collection of smaller sized vintage chairs or vintage mini-chairs   Wooden chairs are my favorite, wood is much warmer than metal.  A time-worn chair has plenty of scuffs, chippy paint, fabulous patina.  Oh, the stories a vintage chair could tell.

My latest small vintage chair.
 Rustic, boho chic chair purchased at 

Think outside the box when displaying chairs.   In the background of top photo there are wall displayed vintage mini-chairs in graduated sizes. The bottom two wooden chairs were my daughter's and I swiped them from her.  She sacrificed her small wooden chairs for the sake of art.  Can't just have one chair displayed on the wall, the other chairs may get lonely.  Collections have more impact and are more appealing when grouped together with similar items.  

How did I hang the chair?  Fishing wire.  Yep, I said fishing wire and is my best friend when hanging lighter weight items. 17-pound test fishing wire was used to display the chair.  The chair has been strategically wrapped in fishing line, making it nearly impossible to see the filament.   Clever idea.

Small vintage chair appears

 to be suspended in mid-air 
amidst my decor.

Keep scrounging and keep the earth green by rescuing a vintage chair.  Add a little love, ingenuity and paint to revive an old chair.  One can NEVER have too many chairs!

Until next time, 

Scrounge Hound

Monday, October 20, 2014

Funky Furniture

Boho Yard Decor 

Rescued & repainted rocker in
bright Boho colors

Rescued a wooden rocking chair along the curb.  The rocker was missing the chair seat, but it was too good to pass up.  I have been known to pass up chairs that are not structurally sound.

So, the next stop was my workshop.  I spray painted the rocker with Bohemian brightly colored coats of spray paint.   Remember, the midwest winters are harsh, so I do not expect the chair to last more than a few years.  The rocking chair has a new home beside a rescued, bright boho birdcage.  

Salvaged birdcage &
purple wooden slats
Next, I rescued a birdcage. Hard to believe that someone tossed this beauty to the curb. Remember, look past the rust, crust and dust to envision what the piece could become. I used a wire brush to remove loose rust and painted the birdcage in bright boho colors. My yard hosts an eclectic theme, so these funky furniture pieces fit in well.  

Notice the purple slatted wood displays in the background? Those are craft show displays that were purchased at a yard sale. Of course, I chose to use them in a different way!  I painted the folding wooden slats a peppy purple and use them as a focal point to stop your eye and force yourself to look at my yard vignettes.  The wooden slat displays have been in my yard for 4 years, though I do occasionally touch them up with fresh paint. These pieces have withstood the harsh winters.

Being a scrounge hound is contagious.  Take the leap to repurpose and repaint a rescued treasure.  No need to be extreme, like me!  

Keep on rescuing,
Scrounge Hound

Monday, September 15, 2014

Eclectic Yard Decor Repurposed

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Expecting the Unexpected in your Garden or Yard

Salvaged Frames 

Funky frame
It's been quite some time since my last blog.  I'm back to talk about expecting the unexpected in your garden or yard.  I display unexpected items in my yard, especially discarded or salvaged picture frames.  Revive old frames with bold, vibrant paint.  Prop unexpected picture frames against a tree trunk.  Bold colors makes the frame pop!  It can be quite dreary during our Chicago winters, so the brighter the hues, the better.

POPS of color 
Hang funky frames from tree limbs to frame yard scenery.  The effect is spectacular and showcases the floral and fauna.  Many critters have been spotted eating their snacks on my yard frames.  

Funky, bright frame

Enjoy a stay-cation in your own backyard.  Many visitors have commented that they feel relaxed when they spend time in my yard.   Displaying yard decor that is inviting sets the mood and makes others want to be in your yard or patio.  Decorate your porch or yard to reflect your decor and treat your outdoor spaces as an extension of your home.

Again, keep scrounging.   Remember, there is a use for everything.

Scrounge Hound

Monday, November 11, 2013

Painting Vintage Mirrors

I have a passion for vintage mirrors, whether big or small...I love them all.   Framed mirrors, unframed mirrors, chippy framed mirrors.  My friends often ask me, "What are you going to do with that mirror?".  Well, there is a use for everything, especially old mirrors.  In my garden, I have a multiple selection of eclectic, vibrant painted framed mirrors.  There is a wide variety of vintage items displayed in my yard...from vintage window frames to framed mirrors.
Gorgeous Gothic mirror

Scrounge Hound to the rescue.  I have quite the collection of vintage mirrors that are displayed in my garden and have all been rescued curbside.  Oftentimes, my friends will pick things up along the curb and bring them to me.  My friends know that I will lovingly use these discarded items.  Remember, appropriate scale is everything.  So, if you have a small yard, I would not suggest using a large mirror as a focal point.  In this case, a small yard yields a smaller sized mirror.

Retro chic mirror
I am able to use larger scale items in my garden.  So, here are a few samples of my yard.  Remember, that I live in Chicago, so I am lucky if my framed mirrors last a few seasons due to the harsh weather.   Sanding, priming, painting helps extend the life of my outdoor items, though I do not make my items "perfect".  

I use bold, eclectic paint colors.  The bolder colors draw attention to them and also create a soothing focal point in the middle of a dreary Chicago winter.

So, when you notice an old mirror sitting curbside, remember what Scrounge Hound says, "There's a use for everything".  

Vintage chippy frame displayed in my yard.
That's it for now.  Keep your eyes open, you will be surprised at what you may find curbside.  I would love to hear about your "saved" treasures.  

Scrounge Hound

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fabulous Folding Chairs (Wooden)

Ever wonder what to do with a "found" chair?  Whether the chair has been rescued or given to you or purchased at a thrift store...there is always a use for old wooden chairs.

Folding wooden chairs can be revived with paint.  My unique, eclectic decorating style screams for a brighter, vivid chair.  Here are a couple of my vivid blue wooden folding chairs.

I am especially fond of the flat seat back featured on vintage folding chairs, so I decided to decoupage the chair back with "Easy Street".   These chairs fit in perfectly with my home and outdoor garden decor.  Obviously, my decorating style is unique and eclectic.

Easy Street Wooden Chairs

Vivid blue chair
So, here is how I created these two vivid beauties:  I hand-sanded the chairs, applied primer, and applied two coats of vivid blue paint to the entire chair.

Also, the chair has been decoupaged with card stock letters from a local craft store.  "Easy Street" says it all and is the motif of my home and yard.

I applied a clear protective polyurethane sealer over the entire chair.

Artsy, eclectic chairs

Sorry to have taken a hiatus from blogging, circumstances prevailed at the home front.  I am back in the swing of things and back to rescuing chairs and other vintage oddities.

Taking it easy on my folding chair,
Scrounge Hound