Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Failed attempt to get MORE CHAIRS!

It is me again, Scrounge Hound, aka Chair-o-phile or Chair Junky.  My dog and I were running errands again, seems to be a pattern here...  I really do try to recycle EVERYTHING!   Just like Karma...what comes around, goes around.  I needed to donate some items, I believe in giving my no-longer needed, no-longer loved items to someone who needs the items.  I couldn't find any friends who needed my old stuff, so I decided to donate some items to my local thrift store.  And....I do not like to dropping my items off in those donation drop boxes that you see EVERYWHERE in local parking lots, etc.  I do not know enough background about those boxes to truly know that my donations will reach someone who truly needs it!

Luckily, the local thrift store was not open yet.  I made my donations and then my dog and I waited patiently, as I gazed at my never-ending errand list.  The dog gave me the signal with his shifty eyeballs and shifty eyebrows which meant, "We aren't supposed to be at this unscheduled local thrift store errand stop".  So, naturally I ignored him (as I always do).  Finally, I gave in to my dog's shifty eyeballs and shifty eyebrows and drove off to finish my other mundane errands.  Sometimes my dog can be such a stick in the mud.

So today, I am chair-less.  No new chair finds today.  Still do not have time to refurbish my chair finds, but I will keep you posted.

Trying to Save the Earth, one eclectic chair at a time....Scrounge Hound

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