Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Found another chair!

Scrounge Hound here again...been busy with the holidays!  But, NEVER too busy to seek more chairs.  I found a wood chair curbside yesterday.  It has a dark brown finish and a carved floral back.  Unfortunately, the bottom is missing, but no biggie...I can always make a new seat bottom and make an upholstered seat cushion for my new rescued find!

Yesterday, since I started sanding my previous found wood chairs.  Remember the ones that I found at my local thrift palace?  I started hand sanding both of those chairs.  Just to remind you, one of the wood chairs is a bentwood chair and the other one is a vintage wood chair.  I started sanding the bentwood chair and noticed that the seat bottom is splintered in several places.  I may need to rethink my idea of painting that chair.  If I paint it, the chair my continue splintering on the seat bottom.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there a way to fix/repair the splintered the wood veneer on the bentwood chair seat bottom?  I thought of covering the entire chair with funky, bright strips of fabric...sort of a collage of fabric.  That way, I can possibly salvage the chair.

The other wood chair is SO solid.  They don't make chairs like the other vintage chair that I bought the other day at my local thrift store.  I plan on painting that chair, possibly a bright red color.  Might as well make a fun chair!  I will keep you posted on this chair.  Hopefully I can add pictures.

Yesterday, I also painted a vintage wood folding stadium chair a bright purple.  My mantra is one can NEVER have enough purple!  I rescued the stadium chair from a different thrift store.  The chair was found unpainted.  I love these types of chairs, lately, I have been able to find three of them.  The other two that I found, I painted a vivid, bright blue.  I lightly sanded my new unpainted wood chair and painted it purple!  The chair looks fabulous!

Let me know if anyone has any ideas for saving the splintered wood seat bottom on the Vintage Bentwood chair.  I really would like to keep the chair in it's current shape (wood) and not decoupage the entire chair.

Gotta run.  Remember...Saving the Earth, one electic chair at a time!  Happy Holidays to all!  Scrounge Hound.

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