Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friends give me CHAIRS!

Scrounge Hound here again...Obsessed with chairs, as usual.

Did I mention that I have friends who have given me some of their old chairs?  Yep, I like to repaint my treasured, beloved chairs!  One can NEVER have enough chairs!  Nothing more satisfying then friends stopping to visit the garden and visit their repurposed, upcycled, eclectic, garden chair.  That is the ultimate compliment!  Some are quite astonished to see their previous chair breathe new life in my yard!

Purple is my favorite color, so most of my chairs get a good couple coats of Royal Purple paint, with Lavender and Chartreuse accent paint colors.  I like to use spray paint on my outdoor chairs, it seems to adhere better than paint that is applied by brush.  In this cold climate, spray paint works better for me.  In the Spring, the chairs (whatever chairs survived the harsh winter), will get a fresh coat of spray paint.  Right on the spot, the chairs will get a new coat of spray paint.  I TRY to stick to the same color palette...that being said, it is VERY difficult for me to stick to one color palette.  There is nothing more sad than dragging an old chair to the curb since it did not survive the harsh winter!  

I love eclectic, uncommon colors...why be like everyone else?  Imagine a crayola box with bright colors, yep, that is my ideal color palette.  So, what painting technique works for your outdoor chair projects or outdoor projects?   What do you think, what process works well for you?

Until later...Striving to Save the Earth, one eclectic, brightly-colored chair at a time! Scrounge Hound

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