Monday, December 12, 2011

More Rescued Finds!

It is Scrounge Hound again.  Been out of the loop for awhile.  Did I mention that I have Scrounge Hound scouts looking for curb side chairs or other furniture finds?  Yep, I have friends that will call or text me when they see a chair, old windows, or just something odd placed on the curb for garbage pick up.  My friends tell me the coordinates of the abandoned chair or furniture and I come to the rescue!  It always amazes me when people throw perfectly good furniture away!

I like to repaint rescued chairs!  I paint the chairs with funky, bright colors and place them in my garden as accent pieces.  I especially like chairs with rush seating--those are the best.  Painting the chairs in a bright color with a bright, unique pattern works best for me!  Out here the winter conditions are pretty harsh, so the rush seating quickly falls apart.  When Spring arrives, the flowers or plants grow through the bottom of the chair.  Looks great when the garden grows back in!

Just wanted to mention some ideas for that old or odd chair you may have tucked away in the back of the garage.  I still need to work on the two chairs that I bought last week, been busy with the holidays.    Until next time...Saving the Earth, one piece at a time...Scrounge Hound.

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