Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Working on a new chair

Scrounge Hound here again.   Been working on chairs, despite the cold weather.  I just bundle up and venture out into the garage to hand sand chairs.  I can not paint outdoors in the winter here, I usually bring my chair projects indoors to paint.  I am currently working on a vintage chair from the 1960s. The chair has nice lines.  The 60s chair is made out of birch wood and has a light colored finish on it.  The padded seat cushion is vinyl.

Here's my plan for refurbishing the chair.  I have already hand sanded the chair, I also removed the vinyl padded seat cushion.  I repainted the chair a semi-gloss black.  The new color looks sleek on the chair.  I still need to change the padding on the seat cushion and reupholster the seat pad.  The current vinyl seat is worn and very much dated.

So that is my plan for the 1960s chair.  I forgot to mention that I rescued the chair at a local thrift store.   I will keep you posted and I will send pictures soon of this current chair project that I am working on.  Until later....Saving the Earth, one eclectic piece at a time.   Scrounge Hound.

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