Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Working on a new chair

Scrounge Hound here again.   Been working on chairs, despite the cold weather.  I just bundle up and venture out into the garage to hand sand chairs.  I can not paint outdoors in the winter here, I usually bring my chair projects indoors to paint.  I am currently working on a vintage chair from the 1960s. The chair has nice lines.  The 60s chair is made out of birch wood and has a light colored finish on it.  The padded seat cushion is vinyl.

Here's my plan for refurbishing the chair.  I have already hand sanded the chair, I also removed the vinyl padded seat cushion.  I repainted the chair a semi-gloss black.  The new color looks sleek on the chair.  I still need to change the padding on the seat cushion and reupholster the seat pad.  The current vinyl seat is worn and very much dated.

So that is my plan for the 1960s chair.  I forgot to mention that I rescued the chair at a local thrift store.   I will keep you posted and I will send pictures soon of this current chair project that I am working on.  Until later....Saving the Earth, one eclectic piece at a time.   Scrounge Hound.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Found another chair!

Scrounge Hound here again...been busy with the holidays!  But, NEVER too busy to seek more chairs.  I found a wood chair curbside yesterday.  It has a dark brown finish and a carved floral back.  Unfortunately, the bottom is missing, but no biggie...I can always make a new seat bottom and make an upholstered seat cushion for my new rescued find!

Yesterday, since I started sanding my previous found wood chairs.  Remember the ones that I found at my local thrift palace?  I started hand sanding both of those chairs.  Just to remind you, one of the wood chairs is a bentwood chair and the other one is a vintage wood chair.  I started sanding the bentwood chair and noticed that the seat bottom is splintered in several places.  I may need to rethink my idea of painting that chair.  If I paint it, the chair my continue splintering on the seat bottom.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Is there a way to fix/repair the splintered the wood veneer on the bentwood chair seat bottom?  I thought of covering the entire chair with funky, bright strips of fabric...sort of a collage of fabric.  That way, I can possibly salvage the chair.

The other wood chair is SO solid.  They don't make chairs like the other vintage chair that I bought the other day at my local thrift store.  I plan on painting that chair, possibly a bright red color.  Might as well make a fun chair!  I will keep you posted on this chair.  Hopefully I can add pictures.

Yesterday, I also painted a vintage wood folding stadium chair a bright purple.  My mantra is one can NEVER have enough purple!  I rescued the stadium chair from a different thrift store.  The chair was found unpainted.  I love these types of chairs, lately, I have been able to find three of them.  The other two that I found, I painted a vivid, bright blue.  I lightly sanded my new unpainted wood chair and painted it purple!  The chair looks fabulous!

Let me know if anyone has any ideas for saving the splintered wood seat bottom on the Vintage Bentwood chair.  I really would like to keep the chair in it's current shape (wood) and not decoupage the entire chair.

Gotta run.  Remember...Saving the Earth, one electic chair at a time!  Happy Holidays to all!  Scrounge Hound.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friends give me CHAIRS!

Scrounge Hound here again...Obsessed with chairs, as usual.

Did I mention that I have friends who have given me some of their old chairs?  Yep, I like to repaint my treasured, beloved chairs!  One can NEVER have enough chairs!  Nothing more satisfying then friends stopping to visit the garden and visit their repurposed, upcycled, eclectic, garden chair.  That is the ultimate compliment!  Some are quite astonished to see their previous chair breathe new life in my yard!

Purple is my favorite color, so most of my chairs get a good couple coats of Royal Purple paint, with Lavender and Chartreuse accent paint colors.  I like to use spray paint on my outdoor chairs, it seems to adhere better than paint that is applied by brush.  In this cold climate, spray paint works better for me.  In the Spring, the chairs (whatever chairs survived the harsh winter), will get a fresh coat of spray paint.  Right on the spot, the chairs will get a new coat of spray paint.  I TRY to stick to the same color palette...that being said, it is VERY difficult for me to stick to one color palette.  There is nothing more sad than dragging an old chair to the curb since it did not survive the harsh winter!  

I love eclectic, uncommon colors...why be like everyone else?  Imagine a crayola box with bright colors, yep, that is my ideal color palette.  So, what painting technique works for your outdoor chair projects or outdoor projects?   What do you think, what process works well for you?

Until later...Striving to Save the Earth, one eclectic, brightly-colored chair at a time! Scrounge Hound

Monday, December 12, 2011

More Rescued Finds!

It is Scrounge Hound again.  Been out of the loop for awhile.  Did I mention that I have Scrounge Hound scouts looking for curb side chairs or other furniture finds?  Yep, I have friends that will call or text me when they see a chair, old windows, or just something odd placed on the curb for garbage pick up.  My friends tell me the coordinates of the abandoned chair or furniture and I come to the rescue!  It always amazes me when people throw perfectly good furniture away!

I like to repaint rescued chairs!  I paint the chairs with funky, bright colors and place them in my garden as accent pieces.  I especially like chairs with rush seating--those are the best.  Painting the chairs in a bright color with a bright, unique pattern works best for me!  Out here the winter conditions are pretty harsh, so the rush seating quickly falls apart.  When Spring arrives, the flowers or plants grow through the bottom of the chair.  Looks great when the garden grows back in!

Just wanted to mention some ideas for that old or odd chair you may have tucked away in the back of the garage.  I still need to work on the two chairs that I bought last week, been busy with the holidays.    Until next time...Saving the Earth, one piece at a time...Scrounge Hound.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Failed attempt to get MORE CHAIRS!

It is me again, Scrounge Hound, aka Chair-o-phile or Chair Junky.  My dog and I were running errands again, seems to be a pattern here...  I really do try to recycle EVERYTHING!   Just like Karma...what comes around, goes around.  I needed to donate some items, I believe in giving my no-longer needed, no-longer loved items to someone who needs the items.  I couldn't find any friends who needed my old stuff, so I decided to donate some items to my local thrift store.  And....I do not like to dropping my items off in those donation drop boxes that you see EVERYWHERE in local parking lots, etc.  I do not know enough background about those boxes to truly know that my donations will reach someone who truly needs it!

Luckily, the local thrift store was not open yet.  I made my donations and then my dog and I waited patiently, as I gazed at my never-ending errand list.  The dog gave me the signal with his shifty eyeballs and shifty eyebrows which meant, "We aren't supposed to be at this unscheduled local thrift store errand stop".  So, naturally I ignored him (as I always do).  Finally, I gave in to my dog's shifty eyeballs and shifty eyebrows and drove off to finish my other mundane errands.  Sometimes my dog can be such a stick in the mud.

So today, I am chair-less.  No new chair finds today.  Still do not have time to refurbish my chair finds, but I will keep you posted.

Trying to Save the Earth, one eclectic chair at a time....Scrounge Hound

Monday, December 5, 2011

More Chairs!

One can NEVER, NEVER have enough chairs.  Went to a local thrift store and picked up a vintage Bentwood Chair and another wood vintage chair.  My dog and I were supposed to be running an errand, but my car just automatically turns into the thrift storage parking lot!  Wondering if my car might be possessed by those CHAIR demons.

Did I mention that I have a small addiction to vintage wood bookcases too?  Well, I didn't realize that I was addicted until I looked in my garage and placed my "new find" next to two other bookcases.  I will keep you posted with the transformations of my new finds!  All I need is paint, imagination and time....So many chairs, so little time!   Saving the Earth, one vintage piece at a time.  Over and out, until next time....

Sunday, December 4, 2011

First Blog from Scrounge Hound

Hello from Scrounge Hound...I am habitual chair-o-phile or certified "Chair Junky".  I love chairs and will rescue any chair whether it is broken or unbroken or no longer loved!  Kind of like the "Island of Misfit Chairs".  I am always amazed at what people throw away...One person's junk is another person's treasure.  I believe in recycling just about anything, thus my name...Scrounge Hound.  I have been rescuing old chairs and old, unloved furniture pieces for about 15 years.  Today, I rescued a pair of matching wood chairs.  I plan on repainting the chairs, giving them new life and Saving the Earth, one piece at a time.  I will keep you posted on the progress of the chairs!

Repurposed Furniture

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