Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Refinishing Wood Veneer

The table is green, the chair in foreground is beige, 
the chair in background is gray.  Added upholstery 
fabric to all chairs.  

How to redo a wood veneer table and chairs?

Wood veneer furniture can definitely get a makeover.   Here is a 1970s dining room table and chairs that I recently upcycled for my sister.  The table and chairs are in good condition, they just needed a little TLC and updating.

How to get started:  Lightly sand the wood to remove existing wood stain finish off the furniture.    Wipe off remaining dust from the sanded furniture.  I prefer to use an old rag to remove any dust.   I like to use old t-shirts (it is part of my Scrounge Hound recycling effort).

Next, apply paint primer and be sure to read primer manufacturer's directions and allow sufficient drying time.

Get ready to paint.   I applied two coats of semi-gloss white water-based interior paint and followed with one coat of watered down paint.  Look closely at the photos, I refinished a total of six chairs. I prefer to mix things up, so I painted two of the dining chairs in gray, two of the chairs in beige, and the remaining chairs in green.  The dining table has been painted green.  The upholstery fabric ties all of the colors together.

My paint recipe for watery paint is one part water to one part paint.  Keep in mind that you may only need a very small amount of the water-paint concoction.   I save plastic lids from coffee cans and mix my paint and water in these recycled plastic lids.  Another Scrounge Hound recycling tip.

Until next time...keep scrounging..........Scrounge Hound


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paint Choices & Paintbrush Choices

Scrounge Hound here again.  In the past, people have asked me about my preference for paint and paintbrushes.   Well, I prefer to use water-based paint primer and water-based paint.   I like to clean up my paintbrush without using a chemical product paint remover.   Oil based paint products require a paint remover chemical for clean up.
Bottom of vintage cabinet ready to be repainted.

Paintbrushes, what kind?  Scrounge Hound prefers to use natural bristle paintbrushes or disposable sponge brushes.  I am not keen on visible paintbrush strokes, especially on furniture!  I utilize disposable sponge brushes for smaller jobs.  Remember, the sponge brushes are disposable, so they do not hold up well for large paint jobs.

Top of vintage cabinet ready for paint.
Here is a step that is very important to me:  Purchase a natural bristle paintbrush versus a synthetic bristle paintbrush.  Natural bristled paintbrushes are more costly, but the end product is awesome and definitely worth the investment.  Paint applies more smoothly with a natural bristled brush and the brush cleans up extremely well.  I have a natural bristle paintbrush that I have had for years.  Yes, I said years.  The important thing is to clean up your paintbrush very well and treat the brush well.  Also, I keep the original cardboard paint brush packaging and store my paint brush in the original cardboard packaging.  This storage process helps to maintain the paintbrush in its original shape.

Here's a trick to avoid repetitive paintbrush cleaning and save water, save soap, excess waste, etc.  Again, I am always thinking about saving the Earth, even if it is a small contribution.   Recycle a plastic grocery bag and wrap the plastic bag around your paint brush.  Be sure to remove as much air as possible from the plastic bag to prevent your paintbrush from drying out.   After your painting break or even storing your brush over night, remove the plastic bag, and you are ready to begin painting again.   Yes, I even reuse the same plastic bag again as long as I am not mixing paint colors.  Again, saving the Earth, even if in small ways.
Repainted vintage cabinet in brilliant blue.

I am off to paint.  Currently, I am working on a wood veneer dining table and six chairs.  Hopefully, I will be able to feature those items during my next Scrounge Hound blog.  Until next time, saving the Earth, one vintage piece at a time...

                                                                      Scrounge Hound

Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Vintage Chair

Saved another wooden vintage chair curbside.  I really like the lines on this vintage chair.  As you can see in the photo, the chair was in a rough state, but the chair was in overall good, sound condition.  I use this chair on a daily is in my creative corner in my house.  

Vintage Chair that I found curbside

I hand-sanded and primed the chair and applied Rustoleum Painter's Touch, Apple Red, Glossy Paint.  I LOVE this paint...spreads easily, dries fast, cures well, low odor, and is extremely durable.  I applied the paint with a sponge brush.  I prefer to use sponge brushes because I am not fond of visible paint brush strokes. 

After applying two coats of Rustoleum Painter's Touch Apple Red paint, I added bright yellow circles, in a random pattern, with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Sun Yellow glossy paint.  Then, I used a gold paint pen to add off-center circles highlighting the yellow circles.  

Restored vintage chair
 with Polka Dots

I also painted a three-legged table, in the same color scheme and pattern.  I purchased the table at a local retail card shop....they no longer needed the display table.  So, for $6.00 I purchased the odd table.  Quirky items as my favorite!  You can see my unconventional, eclectic decorating style in the background of the top photo.   

I love my creative corner chair, this is where most of ideas evolve.  The end result is stunning...What do you think?  Anyone out there have a chair rescue story?   

Over and out until next time............                                        Scrounge Hound  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MORE Garden Chairs!

Quirky garden chair
Let's talk MORE garden chairs.  Last time, I talked about some of my garden chairs.  Well, I looked around my garden and I realized that I have a lot more chairs than I realized.  Keep in mind, that I have my lot size is not a standard size.  One thing to take into consideration is your yard size when either placing or putting too much of a good thing in your yard.

My chair garden theme is BRIGHT.  The brighter the better...remember I live in Chicago, so it can be quite dreary here in January.

Funky, garden bench rescued curbside

As I mentioned before, I am very happy if I get two year-round seasons out of my garden chairs.  These that are pictured have been in my garden for 5 years.  Keep in mind that I use Rustoleum Spray Paint and I am very pleased with the paint quality, durability.  

Enjoy the garden chairs.  Enjoy the photos of my gardens chairs.  Fall is quickly approaching; another reason to begin painting chairs indoors!

French Provincial, rescued, and very stately in the garden

Gotta run...need to search for more chairs.  Until next time...Saving the Earth, one vintage chair at a time.

Anyone have any garden chair stories and/or garden chair pictures to share??  I would love to hear about it!

Scrounge Hound

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garden Chairs Rescued

Ever find an old wooden chair along the curb, except that the chair isn't structurally sound? Well, I have!  There is nothing more disappointing that finding an old chair whose bones are no longer strong.  So, what to do????!!

Rescued garden chair
Scrounge Hound to the chair rescue!!!  I pick up that neglected chair and schlep it home.  I rescue old chairs curbside, bring them home and repaint them in bright, funky colors and add them to my garden.  There is a use for EVERY old chair.  I do live in a cold climate and the chairs stay outside year round, so some of the chairs only last a few years, but as I always say....A few more years is better than none!

I even have friends that pick up old chairs and bring them to me.  My friends have told me, "If anyone can do something with this old chair - you can".

So, how do I paint them?  A little light sanding, and Rustoleum Spray Paint.  Rustoleum spray paint seems to hold up better on old chairs in the cold Chicago climate.   Here is a photo of some of rescued garden chairs that are in my personal garden.  Enjoy!

Saved garden chair
Chair in my garden

So....Think twice next time you may see an old wooden chair along the curb.  As I always say, "There is a use for everything".

Until next time....Scrounge Hound.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunflower Chair Revived, Redone, Recycled

Scrounge Hound back again!  Ever rescued an old chair and tried to figure out what to do with it?  Well here's an idea.  

Let's talk paint...Rustoleum Painter's Touch paint.  I am especially fond of Rustoleum Painter's Touch available in pre-mixed quarts and glossy.  I love everything about this paint, from the spreadability, dry time, cure time, vibrant colors, and especially clean-up!  I have used this brand of paint for at least ten years!

I chose to use bright yellow paint for this chair.  I lightly sanded the chair and added yellow paint to the chair.   I didn't use a paintbrush this time.  I used an old rag and watered down paint to keep the vintage patina.  I left the many coats of paint underneath visible, I am fond of a chair with history.  The shabbier, the better.  

Decoupage:  From my magazines, Country Living and BH&G, I cut out various Sunflower images to brighten the seat bottom.    Modge Podge is my decoupage glue of choice.  So I adhered the flower images to the seat bottom.  Then, I added MANY coats of Modge Podge over the seat bottom, including the images.  

Original condition of rescued, vintage chair. 

Repainted and decoupaged this vintage chair.

This chair is one of my favorites,  I love everything about it....the lines, the rough patina, the nicks and dents, and especially the BRIGHT COLOR!!!

Recently, I rescued some Vintage Queen Ann chairs....can't wait to tackle those!  

Hope you enjoyed this chair segment....Scrounge Hound.  I always welcome comments!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Found Chair rescued by Decoupage

Decoupage images based on Josephine
Bonaparte's love for roses and fashion.
Hello all!  Well I have not blogged in quite a while...Trying to get my home decor business up and running.  If interested, my merchandise can be found at Casa Karma Decor at

Let's catch up...I love Etsy and have formed new relationships with clients.  So far, so good.

Now let's talk chairs.  I found this cute chair along the curb.  Yes, hard to believe what people discard!   The chair is in good condition and in sound condition....always a priority!  Even though I may like a chair, but it is not sound, I must leave it behind OR sometimes I drag it home, paint it and put it in my garden.    I will save my garden chair story for another time though!

So, originally the chair had chippy paint in a very light pink.  The original color was too light for me, so I watered down some pink exterior paint and gave the piece a layered paint effect.  Love the outcome at this point!  Enjoy the pictures at the bottom of this page too!!!

Then, I still was unhappy with the look of the I decoupaged images of Joseph Bonaparte with Modge Podge.   Josephine loved roses and was a trendsetter in the fashion world.    The roses are Josephine's and the fashion scenes depict Josephine.

I am happy with the outcome of the chair.  Lots of time involved though...selecting images, clipping images, layout, etc.  But it was well worth it!

My pieces all have a story and I especially enjoyed making this piece.  This chair will be a welcome addition to any Shabby Chic, Cottage Chic, or girly girl bedroom.  

Until next time....Saving the Earth, one rescued chair at a time....Scrounge Hound :)

Rescued chair decoupaged with
cohesive images.

Back of chair looks as good as the front!
Various decoupaged images

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mission Complete: Modern Chair is Finished!

Sleek Modern Chair is completed!  Been working on other projects too, but finally finished the chair that I recently blogged about.  Check out this chair....nice, clean, simple lines. 

Here's a run-down of how I got to this point.  The birch wood chair was originally finished with a light colored, blond finish.  The original seat bottom was vinyl that had seen better days.  I removed the vinyl covered seat bottom.  I lightly hand-sanded the chair.  Painted the chair with semi-gloss black paint.  

Next, I worked on recovering the seat bottom.  I kept the original seat bottom because it was still sound and in working order.  I discarded all of the old batting and vinyl covering.  I recovered the seat with 2" Nu-Foam and used a bold, graphic black and white outdoor canvas fabric to recover the seat cushion.   I like to use outdoor canvas fabrics for indoor use.  The canvas proves to be more durable, cleans better than other fabrics.    Then, I rescrewed the chair bottom back onto the chair and I have given new life to an old chair.  

Sleek Modern Chair

Well that is it for now.  Enjoy the new, repurposed chair.  Saving the earth, one eclectic chair at a time....Scrounge Hound

Repurposed Furniture

Rescued Furniture for Yard Decor Did you ever pass by a curbside item that you just cannot resist?  Well, those who know me often wonder....