Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Found Chair rescued by Decoupage

Decoupage images based on Josephine
Bonaparte's love for roses and fashion.
Hello all!  Well I have not blogged in quite a while...Trying to get my home decor business up and running.  If interested, my merchandise can be found at Casa Karma Decor at

Let's catch up...I love Etsy and have formed new relationships with clients.  So far, so good.

Now let's talk chairs.  I found this cute chair along the curb.  Yes, hard to believe what people discard!   The chair is in good condition and in sound condition....always a priority!  Even though I may like a chair, but it is not sound, I must leave it behind OR sometimes I drag it home, paint it and put it in my garden.    I will save my garden chair story for another time though!

So, originally the chair had chippy paint in a very light pink.  The original color was too light for me, so I watered down some pink exterior paint and gave the piece a layered paint effect.  Love the outcome at this point!  Enjoy the pictures at the bottom of this page too!!!

Then, I still was unhappy with the look of the I decoupaged images of Joseph Bonaparte with Modge Podge.   Josephine loved roses and was a trendsetter in the fashion world.    The roses are Josephine's and the fashion scenes depict Josephine.

I am happy with the outcome of the chair.  Lots of time involved though...selecting images, clipping images, layout, etc.  But it was well worth it!

My pieces all have a story and I especially enjoyed making this piece.  This chair will be a welcome addition to any Shabby Chic, Cottage Chic, or girly girl bedroom.  

Until next time....Saving the Earth, one rescued chair at a time....Scrounge Hound :)

Rescued chair decoupaged with
cohesive images.

Back of chair looks as good as the front!
Various decoupaged images

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