Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sunflower Chair Revived, Redone, Recycled

Scrounge Hound back again!  Ever rescued an old chair and tried to figure out what to do with it?  Well here's an idea.  

Let's talk paint...Rustoleum Painter's Touch paint.  I am especially fond of Rustoleum Painter's Touch available in pre-mixed quarts and glossy.  I love everything about this paint, from the spreadability, dry time, cure time, vibrant colors, and especially clean-up!  I have used this brand of paint for at least ten years!

I chose to use bright yellow paint for this chair.  I lightly sanded the chair and added yellow paint to the chair.   I didn't use a paintbrush this time.  I used an old rag and watered down paint to keep the vintage patina.  I left the many coats of paint underneath visible, I am fond of a chair with history.  The shabbier, the better.  

Decoupage:  From my magazines, Country Living and BH&G, I cut out various Sunflower images to brighten the seat bottom.    Modge Podge is my decoupage glue of choice.  So I adhered the flower images to the seat bottom.  Then, I added MANY coats of Modge Podge over the seat bottom, including the images.  

Original condition of rescued, vintage chair. 

Repainted and decoupaged this vintage chair.

This chair is one of my favorites,  I love everything about it....the lines, the rough patina, the nicks and dents, and especially the BRIGHT COLOR!!!

Recently, I rescued some Vintage Queen Ann chairs....can't wait to tackle those!  

Hope you enjoyed this chair segment....Scrounge Hound.  I always welcome comments!

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