Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Vintage Chair

Saved another wooden vintage chair curbside.  I really like the lines on this vintage chair.  As you can see in the photo, the chair was in a rough state, but the chair was in overall good, sound condition.  I use this chair on a daily is in my creative corner in my house.  

Vintage Chair that I found curbside

I hand-sanded and primed the chair and applied Rustoleum Painter's Touch, Apple Red, Glossy Paint.  I LOVE this paint...spreads easily, dries fast, cures well, low odor, and is extremely durable.  I applied the paint with a sponge brush.  I prefer to use sponge brushes because I am not fond of visible paint brush strokes. 

After applying two coats of Rustoleum Painter's Touch Apple Red paint, I added bright yellow circles, in a random pattern, with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Sun Yellow glossy paint.  Then, I used a gold paint pen to add off-center circles highlighting the yellow circles.  

Restored vintage chair
 with Polka Dots

I also painted a three-legged table, in the same color scheme and pattern.  I purchased the table at a local retail card shop....they no longer needed the display table.  So, for $6.00 I purchased the odd table.  Quirky items as my favorite!  You can see my unconventional, eclectic decorating style in the background of the top photo.   

I love my creative corner chair, this is where most of ideas evolve.  The end result is stunning...What do you think?  Anyone out there have a chair rescue story?   

Over and out until next time............                                        Scrounge Hound  

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

MORE Garden Chairs!

Quirky garden chair
Let's talk MORE garden chairs.  Last time, I talked about some of my garden chairs.  Well, I looked around my garden and I realized that I have a lot more chairs than I realized.  Keep in mind, that I have my lot size is not a standard size.  One thing to take into consideration is your yard size when either placing or putting too much of a good thing in your yard.

My chair garden theme is BRIGHT.  The brighter the better...remember I live in Chicago, so it can be quite dreary here in January.

Funky, garden bench rescued curbside

As I mentioned before, I am very happy if I get two year-round seasons out of my garden chairs.  These that are pictured have been in my garden for 5 years.  Keep in mind that I use Rustoleum Spray Paint and I am very pleased with the paint quality, durability.  

Enjoy the garden chairs.  Enjoy the photos of my gardens chairs.  Fall is quickly approaching; another reason to begin painting chairs indoors!

French Provincial, rescued, and very stately in the garden

Gotta run...need to search for more chairs.  Until next time...Saving the Earth, one vintage chair at a time.

Anyone have any garden chair stories and/or garden chair pictures to share??  I would love to hear about it!

Scrounge Hound

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garden Chairs Rescued

Ever find an old wooden chair along the curb, except that the chair isn't structurally sound? Well, I have!  There is nothing more disappointing that finding an old chair whose bones are no longer strong.  So, what to do????!!

Rescued garden chair
Scrounge Hound to the chair rescue!!!  I pick up that neglected chair and schlep it home.  I rescue old chairs curbside, bring them home and repaint them in bright, funky colors and add them to my garden.  There is a use for EVERY old chair.  I do live in a cold climate and the chairs stay outside year round, so some of the chairs only last a few years, but as I always say....A few more years is better than none!

I even have friends that pick up old chairs and bring them to me.  My friends have told me, "If anyone can do something with this old chair - you can".

So, how do I paint them?  A little light sanding, and Rustoleum Spray Paint.  Rustoleum spray paint seems to hold up better on old chairs in the cold Chicago climate.   Here is a photo of some of rescued garden chairs that are in my personal garden.  Enjoy!

Saved garden chair
Chair in my garden

So....Think twice next time you may see an old wooden chair along the curb.  As I always say, "There is a use for everything".

Until next time....Scrounge Hound.

Repurposed Furniture

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