Friday, September 21, 2012

Found Vintage Chair

Saved another wooden vintage chair curbside.  I really like the lines on this vintage chair.  As you can see in the photo, the chair was in a rough state, but the chair was in overall good, sound condition.  I use this chair on a daily is in my creative corner in my house.  

Vintage Chair that I found curbside

I hand-sanded and primed the chair and applied Rustoleum Painter's Touch, Apple Red, Glossy Paint.  I LOVE this paint...spreads easily, dries fast, cures well, low odor, and is extremely durable.  I applied the paint with a sponge brush.  I prefer to use sponge brushes because I am not fond of visible paint brush strokes. 

After applying two coats of Rustoleum Painter's Touch Apple Red paint, I added bright yellow circles, in a random pattern, with Rustoleum Painter's Touch Sun Yellow glossy paint.  Then, I used a gold paint pen to add off-center circles highlighting the yellow circles.  

Restored vintage chair
 with Polka Dots

I also painted a three-legged table, in the same color scheme and pattern.  I purchased the table at a local retail card shop....they no longer needed the display table.  So, for $6.00 I purchased the odd table.  Quirky items as my favorite!  You can see my unconventional, eclectic decorating style in the background of the top photo.   

I love my creative corner chair, this is where most of ideas evolve.  The end result is stunning...What do you think?  Anyone out there have a chair rescue story?   

Over and out until next time............                                        Scrounge Hound  

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