Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mission Complete: Modern Chair is Finished!

Sleek Modern Chair is completed!  Been working on other projects too, but finally finished the chair that I recently blogged about.  Check out this chair....nice, clean, simple lines. 

Here's a run-down of how I got to this point.  The birch wood chair was originally finished with a light colored, blond finish.  The original seat bottom was vinyl that had seen better days.  I removed the vinyl covered seat bottom.  I lightly hand-sanded the chair.  Painted the chair with semi-gloss black paint.  

Next, I worked on recovering the seat bottom.  I kept the original seat bottom because it was still sound and in working order.  I discarded all of the old batting and vinyl covering.  I recovered the seat with 2" Nu-Foam and used a bold, graphic black and white outdoor canvas fabric to recover the seat cushion.   I like to use outdoor canvas fabrics for indoor use.  The canvas proves to be more durable, cleans better than other fabrics.    Then, I rescrewed the chair bottom back onto the chair and I have given new life to an old chair.  

Sleek Modern Chair

Well that is it for now.  Enjoy the new, repurposed chair.  Saving the earth, one eclectic chair at a time....Scrounge Hound

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