Saturday, October 13, 2012

Paint Choices & Paintbrush Choices

Scrounge Hound here again.  In the past, people have asked me about my preference for paint and paintbrushes.   Well, I prefer to use water-based paint primer and water-based paint.   I like to clean up my paintbrush without using a chemical product paint remover.   Oil based paint products require a paint remover chemical for clean up.
Bottom of vintage cabinet ready to be repainted.

Paintbrushes, what kind?  Scrounge Hound prefers to use natural bristle paintbrushes or disposable sponge brushes.  I am not keen on visible paintbrush strokes, especially on furniture!  I utilize disposable sponge brushes for smaller jobs.  Remember, the sponge brushes are disposable, so they do not hold up well for large paint jobs.

Top of vintage cabinet ready for paint.
Here is a step that is very important to me:  Purchase a natural bristle paintbrush versus a synthetic bristle paintbrush.  Natural bristled paintbrushes are more costly, but the end product is awesome and definitely worth the investment.  Paint applies more smoothly with a natural bristled brush and the brush cleans up extremely well.  I have a natural bristle paintbrush that I have had for years.  Yes, I said years.  The important thing is to clean up your paintbrush very well and treat the brush well.  Also, I keep the original cardboard paint brush packaging and store my paint brush in the original cardboard packaging.  This storage process helps to maintain the paintbrush in its original shape.

Here's a trick to avoid repetitive paintbrush cleaning and save water, save soap, excess waste, etc.  Again, I am always thinking about saving the Earth, even if it is a small contribution.   Recycle a plastic grocery bag and wrap the plastic bag around your paint brush.  Be sure to remove as much air as possible from the plastic bag to prevent your paintbrush from drying out.   After your painting break or even storing your brush over night, remove the plastic bag, and you are ready to begin painting again.   Yes, I even reuse the same plastic bag again as long as I am not mixing paint colors.  Again, saving the Earth, even if in small ways.
Repainted vintage cabinet in brilliant blue.

I am off to paint.  Currently, I am working on a wood veneer dining table and six chairs.  Hopefully, I will be able to feature those items during my next Scrounge Hound blog.  Until next time, saving the Earth, one vintage piece at a time...

                                                                      Scrounge Hound

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