Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Refinishing Wood Veneer

The table is green, the chair in foreground is beige, 
the chair in background is gray.  Added upholstery 
fabric to all chairs.  

How to redo a wood veneer table and chairs?

Wood veneer furniture can definitely get a makeover.   Here is a 1970s dining room table and chairs that I recently upcycled for my sister.  The table and chairs are in good condition, they just needed a little TLC and updating.

How to get started:  Lightly sand the wood to remove existing wood stain finish off the furniture.    Wipe off remaining dust from the sanded furniture.  I prefer to use an old rag to remove any dust.   I like to use old t-shirts (it is part of my Scrounge Hound recycling effort).

Next, apply paint primer and be sure to read primer manufacturer's directions and allow sufficient drying time.

Get ready to paint.   I applied two coats of semi-gloss white water-based interior paint and followed with one coat of watered down paint.  Look closely at the photos, I refinished a total of six chairs. I prefer to mix things up, so I painted two of the dining chairs in gray, two of the chairs in beige, and the remaining chairs in green.  The dining table has been painted green.  The upholstery fabric ties all of the colors together.

My paint recipe for watery paint is one part water to one part paint.  Keep in mind that you may only need a very small amount of the water-paint concoction.   I save plastic lids from coffee cans and mix my paint and water in these recycled plastic lids.  Another Scrounge Hound recycling tip.

Until next time...keep scrounging..........Scrounge Hound


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