Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fabulous Folding Chairs (Wooden)

Ever wonder what to do with a "found" chair?  Whether the chair has been rescued or given to you or purchased at a thrift store...there is always a use for old wooden chairs.

Folding wooden chairs can be revived with paint.  My unique, eclectic decorating style screams for a brighter, vivid chair.  Here are a couple of my vivid blue wooden folding chairs.

I am especially fond of the flat seat back featured on vintage folding chairs, so I decided to decoupage the chair back with "Easy Street".   These chairs fit in perfectly with my home and outdoor garden decor.  Obviously, my decorating style is unique and eclectic.

Easy Street Wooden Chairs

Vivid blue chair
So, here is how I created these two vivid beauties:  I hand-sanded the chairs, applied primer, and applied two coats of vivid blue paint to the entire chair.

Also, the chair has been decoupaged with card stock letters from a local craft store.  "Easy Street" says it all and is the motif of my home and yard.

I applied a clear protective polyurethane sealer over the entire chair.

Artsy, eclectic chairs

Sorry to have taken a hiatus from blogging, circumstances prevailed at the home front.  I am back in the swing of things and back to rescuing chairs and other vintage oddities.

Taking it easy on my folding chair,
Scrounge Hound  

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