Monday, October 20, 2014

Funky Furniture

Boho Yard Decor 

Rescued & repainted rocker in
bright Boho colors

Rescued a wooden rocking chair along the curb.  The rocker was missing the chair seat, but it was too good to pass up.  I have been known to pass up chairs that are not structurally sound.

So, the next stop was my workshop.  I spray painted the rocker with Bohemian brightly colored coats of spray paint.   Remember, the midwest winters are harsh, so I do not expect the chair to last more than a few years.  The rocking chair has a new home beside a rescued, bright boho birdcage.  

Salvaged birdcage &
purple wooden slats
Next, I rescued a birdcage. Hard to believe that someone tossed this beauty to the curb. Remember, look past the rust, crust and dust to envision what the piece could become. I used a wire brush to remove loose rust and painted the birdcage in bright boho colors. My yard hosts an eclectic theme, so these funky furniture pieces fit in well.  

Notice the purple slatted wood displays in the background? Those are craft show displays that were purchased at a yard sale. Of course, I chose to use them in a different way!  I painted the folding wooden slats a peppy purple and use them as a focal point to stop your eye and force yourself to look at my yard vignettes.  The wooden slat displays have been in my yard for 4 years, though I do occasionally touch them up with fresh paint. These pieces have withstood the harsh winters.

Being a scrounge hound is contagious.  Take the leap to repurpose and repaint a rescued treasure.  No need to be extreme, like me!  

Keep on rescuing,
Scrounge Hound

Repurposed Furniture

Rescued Furniture for Yard Decor Did you ever pass by a curbside item that you just cannot resist?  Well, those who know me often wonder....